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4.   Wilbur Kemper Hoggatt "Dutch" was born 02 Sep 1886 in Grant Co. IN. He died 14 Aug 1963 in Grant Co. IN and was buried in Knox Chapel Cemetery, Grant Co., IN. Dutch married Esta Maud Sprinkle on 23 Feb 1908 in Grant Co. IN.  Wilbur’s parents were Nathaniel Lewis Hoggatt and Sarah Catherine Smith.

5.   Esta Maud Sprinkle "Estes" was born 21 Jul 1889 in Franklin Twp. Adams Co. OH. She died 22 Apr 1943 in Grant Co. IN and was buried in Knox Chapel Cemetery, Grant Co., IN.  Esta’s parents were George Alva Sprinkle and Julia Ann Rogers.

Wilbur Kemper HOGGATT (born 02 Sep 1886-Grant Co. IN and died 14 Aug 1963-Grant Co. IN)
    sp: Esta Maud SPRINKLE (born 21 Jul 1889-Franklin Twp. Adams Co. OH, married 23 Feb 1908-Grant Co. IN, died 22 Apr 1943-Grant Co. IN)
|-2. Esther Beulah HOGGATT (born 05 Dec 1909-Grant Co. IN and died Oct 1910-Grant Co. IN)
|-2. Charles Lyndell HOGGATT (born 6 Aug 1911-Grant Co. IN died 18 Sep 1973-South Bend,St. Jospeh Co. IN)
    | sp: Rachel Maxine PRATT (born 6 Aug 1911 married 22 May 1929 died 17 Aug 1973-South Bend,St. Jospeh Co. IN)
|-2. Merle Wendell HOGGATT (born 17 May 1913-Grant Co. IN died 1 Nov 1988-Phoenix AZ)
    | sp: Marthanna LUNSFORD (married 1 Sep 1935)
    | sp: Dorothy JOHNSON (living)
|-2. James Edward HOGGATT (born 22 Oct 1914-Grant Co. IN died 20 Oct 1998-Lafayette,Tippecanoe Co.,IN)
    | sp: Ruth JONES (born 8 Jul 1915-Swayzee,Grant Co. IN married 23 Feb 1935 died 20 May 2002-Lafayette,Tippecanoe Co. IN)
|-2. Julia Catherine HOGGATT (living)
    | sp: Leslie Nelson MYERS (married 26 Jun 1937 died 1944)
    | sp: Grey Kenneth GOULD (married 22 Aug 1954)
|-2. Geraldine Lois HOGGATT (living)
    | sp: Joseph Buren CARDWELL (born 20 Jun 1914 married 16 Jul 1938 died 21 Feb 1995-Marion,Grant Co. IN)
|-2. Catheline Ruth HOGGATT (born 2 Nov 1920-Grant Co. IN died 30 Sep 1929-Grant Co. IN)
|-2. George A. HOGGATT (born 2 Jul 1923-Grant Co. IN died 7 Nov 1988-Vero Beach, Indian River Co. FL)
    | sp: Molly Ann MURPHY (married 7 Jan 1945)
    | sp: Dedee (married Aft 1953)
+-2. Aubrey Dean HOGGATT (living)
    sp: Thelma Mae CAMPBELL (living)

Miscellaneous Family Pictures, mostly from photo albums in the possession of Aubrey Dean Hoggatt: