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80. Henry Sprinkle was born 1740/1741 in York Co, PA. He died 1814 in Shendandoah Co. VA. Henry married Mary Hunsaker on 1791.  Henry's parents were William Sprinkle and Anna Catharina Ehrhard.


81. Mary Hunsaker was born 1771/1775 in PA. She died 1840 in Fayette Co. OH.


            1830 Census OH Fayette Concord - Mary Hunsaker Sprinkle with Samuel

            1840 Census OH Fayette Concord - Mary Hunsaker Sprinkle with Samuel


1. Henry SPRINKLE (b.1740/1741-York Co,PA d.1814-Shendandoah Co. VA)
sp: Catherine IMMELL (m.1762)
        -2. Mary SPRINKLE (b.27 Aug 1763-York Co,PA d.8 Oct 1846-Jefferson Co.,WV)
        -2. Catharina SPRINKLE (b.11 Jan 1770-York Co,PA)
        -2. Peter SPRINKLE (b.Bet 1770-1775-VA d.Aft 1846-Possibly IL)
        -2. Henry SPRINKLE (b.2 Sep 1771-York Co,PA d.1851-Wythe Co.,VA)
        -2. Elizabeth SPRINKLE (b.Abt 1775-York Co,PA)
        -2. Jacob SPRINKLE (b.Bet 1780-1790-VA/York Co,PA d.Bet 1841-1850-Probably Lewis Co.,KY)
        -2. William SPRINKLE (b.1781-MD d.31 Dec 1852-Mt. Carmel (Marion),Smyth Co.,VA)
sp: Mary HUNSAKER (b.1771/1775-PA m.1791 d.1840-Fayette Co. OH)
        -2. Mary SPRINKLE (b.Abt 1792-Shenandoah,VA d.13 Apr 1865-Adams Co. IN)
        -2. Absolom SPRINKLE (b.13 May 1796-Shenandoah,VA d.22 Feb 1859-Adams Co OH)
        -2. Solomon SPRINKLE (b.Abt 1798-Shenandoah,VA d.Abt 1839-Highland Co. Ohio)
        -2. Sarah SPRINKLE (b.27 Aug 1799-Shenandoah,VA d.6 Jul 1886-Highland Co. Ohio)
        -2. Susannah SPRINKLE (b.Abt 1801-Shenandoah,VA d.Abt 1880-Pickaway Co. OH)
        -2. Samuel SPRINKLE (b.27 Oct 1802-Shenandoah,VA d.12 Apr 1870-Fayette Co,OH)
        -2. Elizabeth SPRINKLE (b.19 Jan 1804-Shenandoah,VA d.23 Aug 1874-Randolph Co. IN)
        -2. David SPRINKLE (b.21 Jan 1806-Shendandoah Co. VA d.21 May 1876-Adams Co. OH)
         sp: Elisabeth METZ (b.11 Apr 1811-Mason Co. KY m.14 Apr 1828 d.28 May 1864-Rome,Green Twp.,Adams Co. OH)
                -3. Mary Catherine SPRINKLE (b.30 Jul 1827-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.6 Jan 1900-Vernon County Missouri)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. George J SPRINKLE (b.15 Aug 1829-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.16 Aug 1855-Troy,Davis Co.,IA)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. Elizabeth SPRINKLE (b.9 Nov 1831-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.2 Mar 1861-Meigs Township,Adams County OH)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. William Harrison SPRINKLE (b.20 May 1834-Meigs Twp.,Adams Co. OH d.8 Dec 1908-Meigs Twp.,Adams Co. OH)
                 sp: Harriet Gulda MATHIAS (b.22 Jul 1839-Winchester,Adams Co. OH m.20 Sep 1855 d.16 Dec 1924-Meigs Twp.,Adams Co. OH)
                        -4. James Asbury SPRINKLE (b.28 Jul 1856-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.28 Sep 1936-Kings Mills,Warren Co. OH)
                         sp: Emma Nora THOMAS (b.20 Sep 1867-Meigs Township,Adams County OH m.6 Aug 1885 d.22 Oct 1923-Meigs Township,Adams County OH)
                        -4. George Alva SPRINKLE (b.28 Feb 1858-Meigs Twp.,Adams Co. OH d.29 Jul 1930-Grant Co. IN)
                         sp: Julia Ann ROGERS (b.28 Mar 1855-Adams Co,Ohio m.10 Mar 1881 d.31 May 1923-Grant Co. IN)
                         sp: Carrie Ethel PETRO (b.19 Apr 1876-Howard Co. IN m.15 Dec 1926 d.29 Nov 1960-Sims Twp.,Grant Co.,IN)
                        -4. William Leroy SPRINKLE (b.22 Feb 1860-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.15 Nov 1860-Meigs Township,Adams County OH)
                        -4. David F. SPRINKLE (b.18 Jul 1861-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.31 Dec 1900)
                        -4. William Dawson SPRINKLE (b.23 Oct 1863-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.29 Jul 1870-Meigs Township,Adams County OH)
                        -4. Samuel Lafayette SPRINKLE (b.6 Nov 1867-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.12 Dec 1949-Adams Co,Ohio)
                         sp: Elizabeth Pitts COOK (b.16 May 1863-Scioto Co.,OH m.15 Sep 1917)
                         sp: Elsie F.  (b.Abt 1876-OH m.Abt 1924)
                         sp: Bertha L.  (b.19 Jul 1875 m.Aft 1930 d.19 Mar 1950)
                        -4. Charles Emory SPRINKLE (b.20 Oct 1870-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.19 Feb 1872-Meigs Township,Adams County OH)
                        -4. Estella Inez SPRINKLE (b.23 Oct 1873-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.1955)
                         sp: Willard H. BUTLER (b.Dec 1867-OH m.Sep 1904 d.1935)
                        -4. Effie Mae SPRINKLE (b.17 Oct 1876-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.Bef 1958-Cincinnati,Adams Co,Oh)
                         sp: Edward C. JULER M.D. (b.Jul 1875-England m.Abt 1897 d.25 Oct 1964-Cincinnati,Hamilton Co.,OH)
                  +-4. Mattie Viola SPRINKLE (b.18 Apr 1880-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.27 Nov 1953-Marion,Grant Co. IN)
                    sp: Charles E. CALLOWAY (b.Abt 1883-OH m.Feb 1904 d.1960-Marion,Grant Co. IN)
                -3. David K SPRINKLE (b.19 Mar 1836-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.26 Jul 1907)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. Thomas Jefferson SPRINKLE (b.22 Sep 1838-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.21 Sep 1917-Los Angeles,California)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. Samuel Marion SPRINKLE (b.12 Oct 1840-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.1 Mar 1907-Enid,Garfield County,Oklahoma)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. Louisa M SPRINKLE (b.15 Dec 1842-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.6 Jul 1865)
                -3. Annie M SPRINKLE (b.18 Feb 1845-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.31 Mar 1919-Riverside Township,Adams Co,Ohio)
                -3. Albert Jesse SPRINKLE (b.1 Jul 1847-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.31 Mar 1919-Riverside Township,Adams Co,Ohio)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                   sp: UNKNOWN
                -3. John R SPRINKLE (b.20 Mar 1851-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.18 Jan 1856-Green Township,Adams County OH)
                -3. Martha Ellen SPRINKLE (b.3 Sep 1853-Meigs Township,Adams County OH d.4 Jan 1929-Cincinnati,Adams Co,Oh)
                   sp: UNKNOWN
         sp: Sarah MCGOVNEY (b.Apr 1820-OH m.Aft 1864 d.1905-Adams/Scioto Co. OH)
        -2. Jesse SPRINKLE (b.21 May 1811-Shenandoah,VA d.28 Dec 1881-Highland Co. Ohio)
  	-2. Lydia SPRINKLE (b.29 Apr 1814-Shenandoah,VA d.21 Jan 1893-Mahaska Co.,IA)